• Nick B. - Captain, Boeing 737

    Riverside Flight Center provided what few other flight training schools could, they helped me finish my training to very high standards in the shortest possible time. It is the only school that I have come across where the owner takes such a personal interest in every student pilot and their development, ensuring excellent training and giving their candidates the best possible chance of going on to get a job in the competitive world of aviation. I was so impressed with RFC that I went back to instruct there and from within I was able to get a better understanding of the outstanding facilities and training that pilot candidates are able to benefit from here.

    I went on to get my first job with a European airline flying as a First Officer on the Boeing 737 and within two years of joining my airline I was upgraded to Captain. The training and knowledge that I received at RFC without doubt helped me to both get my first flight deck position as well as my early opportunity of being upgraded to Captain.

    My time at RFC allowed me to make lifelong friends as well as contacts in the industry, has left with unforgettable and great memories, helped me to become a highly-trained, competent, confident and professional pilot and very importantly gave me the best chance of chasing my dream of becoming an airline pilot. Make the wise choice the first time around, choose the school and people you can trust in every regard, come to Riverside Flight Center.”


  • Matt T. - RFC

    Matt learned to fly from two different schools before finding Riverside Flight Center.  His opinion was that, “Sure, the other schools had airplanes and textbooks, but none of them focused on what was important to me…quality, accelerated training.  RFC was a place where I felt the school sincerely cared about my progress and career goals.”

    Matt received his commercial pilot certificate at RFC in 2009 and is currently an airline pilot in the United States.  His greatest passions in life are his faith, his wife and children, and aviation.  When he’s not flying you can probably find him on a local mountain bike trail.

  • Puneet G. - IndiGo Airlines

    Puneet is a First Officer, flying the Airbus A320 with IndiGo Airlines in India. Puneet says, ‘Flying has always been a passion for me.  The first in my family to be a pilot, I can remember as a child the rush of adrenaline and raw power of 747s passing just a few hundred feet over my grandparents’ house in Bombay. I decided then, to grow up to be able to fly those big airplanes and look down from above rather than up from below”

    “I have a lot of people to thank for where I am today and a special thanks to Riverside Flight Center who helped me take my first steps in the world of aviation. I liked RFC’s professionalism and the honesty with which the course was conducted. All the instructors took a genuine interest in my learning, and tied their success to my success. Along with flying, RFC also instilled in me qualities of a good airman. I will always be thankful to Yuri, the staff, and instructors for giving me a rock solid base in aviation and helping me achieve my dream!’



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