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    Riverside Flight Center provides only the most current in-depth training. You won’t find a better environment to receive top-notch training elsewhere. The combined experience of our staff and faculty, use of modern training aids, and Examining Authority mean you receive the best ground and flight training in the flight school industry. Our entire staff is dedicated to your safety and success during your stay at Riverside Flight Center, and we see to it you are wholly prepared as a pilot after completing your training, when entering the workforce.

    Don’t train for a license, train for a career!


    Riverside Flight Center is located at the KRVS airport within three buildings: The Administration Office, Pilot’s Lounge, and the Training Office. All three facilities are sited next to each other for easy access. Most of your time spent at RFC will be in our Training Office. Here you’ll find briefing rooms for one-on-one training with your instructor, modern electronic classrooms, faculty offices, and our Flight Training Device facility.

    Riverside Flight Center provides electronic training while at the Campus, and a Student Intranet allows you access to study materials as you prepare for your flights.


    Your stay in Tulsa is minutes from Riverside Flight Center. You’ll enjoy living within our housing complex, sharing experiences with students from around the world and developing lasting friendships in an atmosphere of other like-minded pilots. Flats are fully-furnished and equipped for your extended residence.

    Wireless Hi-Speed Internet, Cable Television, and utilities are all included in your Guaranteed Program Price.

    Richard Lloyd Jones Junior Airport (Riverside) KRVS

    One of the busiest General Aviation airports in the United States is KRVS. With two parallel runways and Air Traffic Control (ATC) operating year-round, training at Riverside Airport prepares you for flight at the world’s busiest airports. You’ll receive training at RFC which makes operating in this busy environment easy.

    Have a listen to the ATC at Riverside Airport by visiting this link:

    • Robbie - Director of Operations

      Robbie, Riverside Flight Center’s Director of Operations, flies airplanes and helicopters and develops training curricula for the school. Robbie has evaluated pilots for over six years, and has used this background to write training materials and techniques for pilots from around the world.

      Robbie enjoys flying aerobatics, Apple computers, has great hair, and stands out in a crowd at 6’7″.

    • Bob - Ground Instructor

      Bob has 30 years of aviation experience as a pilot, flight & ground instructor, and as an airline manager. He has worked at flight schools, airlines, and charter companies.

      Bob holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with Boeing 757, Boeing 767, and Boeing 777 type ratings.

    • Yuri - Founder

      Yuri founded Riverside Flight Center in 2000. Yuri holds both UK (CAA) and US (FAA) licenses up to the ATP level. Having instructed and overseen students’ flight training for over 20 years, Yuri still enjoys all aspects of the flight training process and is privileged to say he still thoroughly enjoys it every day.

    • Landon - Chief Instructor

      Landon, with over 10 years of flight experience, serves as Riverside Flight Center’s Chief Instructor. Landon completed 4 years of service with the United States Airforce in 2001 and received his CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, and A&P certificates shortly after.

      When Landon has spare time, he restores and flies World War II airplanes with the Commemorative Air Force.

    • Carly - Admissions and DSO Officer

      Carly serves as Riverside Flight Center’s Admissions and DSO Officer.  She has a Master’s in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma.  Carly specializes in assisting students with Certificates of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant Student Visas (M-1 & I-20 Forms), TSA Applications, and US Customs and Immigration Services and Procedures.  Carly is RFC’s student liaison, overseeing student housing and hospitality during their stay.

      She likes the color yellow and has a rat terrier puppy named Max.


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